Texas Star Bengal Queen


Sari's Silver Satin of Texas Star F5

We call her "ButterCup" She is so sweet ...

Photos at her first show.


New photos taken 04/30/2011

Buttercup has been spayed, she will get her stitches out this week. You can see her spots have been shaved off. They will grow back with time. Smiles....

New photos above taken 04/30/2011





Photo taken 12/04/09


We call her "ButterCup" She is a 5th generation female from the Asian Leopard Cat.

SBT - Female
DOB: 04/29/09


Sire: Redearth Silver Thrill
Dam: CedarRanch Chenoa (Cherokee-"dove of peace")F-4 Silver Spotted


Watch for ButterCup this coming 2009/2010 Show season..


Breeder: Sari McKinney

Owner:  Stacy Hansen

For more information call Stacy at 214-552-0901





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