Katznjamr Celebration of TexasStar



Brown "jet black" rosetted tabby

DOB: 03/09/2008


Katznjamr Celebration of TexasStar 

I would like to thank Jennifer for this wonderful girl! She will definitely be a Star her at TexasStar!!
13% ALC
Sire - Katznjamr Avatar -
HCM Negative

Dam - Katznjamr Tres Cool



This young female (5 months) has one of the prettiest heads with the nicest profile, strong chin, and super rounded ears.


She also has the large, jet black outlined rosettes on a very pale background.  Note the long neck that gently flows into her lovely long torso all the way down to her low carried tail.  Just a beautifully put together female with an elegant, flowing top line.  She's still clearing - this is a slowly maturing line - but we couldn't be more pleased with her development.   This little sweetie loves all the attention she can get, too.






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