Texas Star Asian Leopard Cats

On March 4,2004, Texas Star Safari announced the birth of five healthy Asian Leopard cubs..  They are not for sale.. We believe this to be the first litter of five live cubs to have been born in captivity.

We have 2 girls and 3 boys.  Patrick was a proven stud at 9 months old.

This is his first off-spring. This is Aca's first off-spring at 2 years old

as well. These cubs will be staying here at Texas Star.

Male Asian Leopard Cat
Aca's Magic of Texas Star

Sire: ALC Malaki (Patrick) of TexasStar
Dam: Aca of TexasStar 

Male ALC DOB: 03/04/2004



Magic's Picture Page

Female Asian Leopard Cat
Jubilee of Texas Star

Sire: ALC Malaki (Patrick) of TexasStar
Dam: Aca of TexasStar





Male Asian Leopard Cat
Dazzle of Texas Star

Sire: ALC Malaki (Patrick) of TexasStar
Dam: Aca of TexasStar


Here are a few quick pictures of Dazzle as a baby.. He will have his

own page in the next day or two.







It is easy to see why Dazzle became the house favorite.




Male Asian Leopard Cat
Malaki of Texas Star

Nickname: Patrick

Patrick is maturing in to a handsome adult with a wonderful personality!

 He was born on St. Patrick's Day and he turned 7 yrs. old on March 17th, 2010.   Happy Birthday Patrick!

patrick-1.jpg (16388 bytes) patrick-2.jpg (19707 bytes)
Patrick28.jpg (38322 bytes) Patricks91.jpg (41279 bytes)

Patrick's Page


Female Asian Leopard Cat

ALC Aca of  Texas Star

Aca of TexasStar was used in our foundation program and all

her offspring  put new bloodlines into the Bengal Breed. Aca was born

here in the U.S.A., She has passed on her fantastic type to her  kittens.

She used her litter box faithfully. She was a beautiful Lady. Aca is TICA registered for our Bengal program. Most subspecies of the leopard cat are extremely beautiful, wild and not easily tamed. Many require special care,

food and permits in captivity. The leopard cat is not an aggressive cat and will flee rather than fight. This instinct to flee is what makes them difficult to handle and it is the same trait found in some of the early generation domestic

Bengals if not properly socialized.


Our Beautiful Aca has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss her always.


We do not sell our Asian Leopard Cats.



Contact Stacy at #214-552-0901

It is the policy of Texas Star Bengals to not place an F1 in a household with a child under the age of 7.
In 10 years of breeding the Foundation Cats, it has been my experience that a foundation cat does not do well with young children. The cat does not adjust to the fast movement and the noise level of active youngsters. Thank you for your understanding.


Texas Star Bengals and Texas Star Safari have the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten at anytime during the negotiation period.

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