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Below you will find pictures from individuals who have purchased Texas Star kittens.  These are delightful people who have shared their stories and gave us updates on their new companions. 




posted January 5, 2012




I hope you had a Marry Christmas. Thank you so much for the kitten. She is gorgeous. She has exceeded my expectations. She is very well trained in using the kitty litter. She loves to play but is ready for her naps. She seems to be adjusting well. She is eating and pooping well. She likes to sleep with me in my bed. My son is having a lot of fun with her. He named her Sky. I will keep you updated on her progress.


Martha M. Garcia



Posted December 13, 2011


Attached are a few photos of Taz playing with his Beanie Baby Buzzard.  (Buzzard is one of his very favorite toys, knows his name even and will go looking for him.) 

Taz is doing great, getting big - he's neutered now, silly as ever, still snuggles with me at night, opens doors … loves to play hide and seek, loves playing in water (any water - bathtub, kitchen sink, water bowl) … (lol!) and knows I'm crazy about him and he can get away with just about anything! 

Thank you for such a wonderful companion!

Hope all is well with you ~






Emailed on December 12, 2011

Picture to be posted


Dear Tracy,
I thought that you might enjoy seeing how Christina/Mildred likes to spend her evenings....asleep in my lap.
What a wonderful cat. We absolutely love her.
Thank you again.

She and the dogs are fast friends.

She and Guinevere, our all black cocker were asleep together last evening while I watched TV.

Wensleydale, our black and white male cocker loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. Mildred likes to hide and when he runs past her chasing the ball she will jump out and ambush him. He thinks it's great fun.

Tom Robinson




Thought you might get a kick out of this photo ... Tequila makes the morning

routine a bit of a challenge ... hard to brush your teeth with a cat in the

sink.  :P


 Hope you are having a fabulous 4th of July weekend!


Below photos of Tequila's first weeks together when Raine



Hi Stacy!

I don't know if your computer is back up and running yet but, I wanted to
send these to you anyway.

Tequila is AWESOME!  Too bad she's so high strung.  :P  She loves to 'crash
on Mama'.  She is truly a Bengal ... Either all out or out cold.  LOL  We
LOVE her!  She and our Wiemeraner, Bourbon, get along just fine and sleep on
our bed with us.  She has yet to settle in with my other kitties but Mau
(the 16-yr-old Ragdoll) is unruffled so, it's just a matter of time before
she gets comfortable with him and Tigger, my DSH, is a bit jealous but she
HATES to be cuddled so, is more than happy to have me cuddle Tequila instead
of her so, all will be well with time.

Tequila has THE most amazing markings!  Everyone that has seen her are just
smitten with her.  For her part, she loves me (comes running when I open our
bedroom door where she is currently living) and is very good with my girls
(Beau -16, and Mina -11) plays with them for hours and is very taken with my
husband, Jeff.  Sits on his chest when he lays on the bed and examines his
face then curls up between us and PURRS!  What a MOTOR this little one has!

We couldn't be more taken with her!  Thank you SO much for her!  She was
MORE than worth the wait!

I have profession photographers in my family so, I'm sure, you will be
getting lots of pictures of Texas Star Top Shelf Tequila!

Thank you AGAIN!

SO looking forward to our shopping date!

Talk soon!



Sent August 20, 2011


Hi Stacey Just thought I'd send you a few pictures of "Dopey" who's new name is "Rambo". His spots have come in wonderfully and he's gotten so big. My family and I love him to pieces and couldn't be any more happier with him. Hope all is well in Texas.





Sent July 6, 2011

Hi Stacey,

It's been awhile since I sent you an update on Makita! I got to thinking of you when she had her 7th birthday last month. Can you believe it has been that long?! :-)
I wanted to send you a few pictures we just recently took. She still runs the household and makes sure Jakari (Her MUCH BIGGER little bengal brother) knows it. She never really warmed up to him. She tolerates him being here. They do play on and off but will never become snuggle biddies! Ha! I do believe though that she would miss him if he were gone and vice versa. In her later years she has become very vocal and very needy. She wants attention all the time and she does some of the cutest things to get it. She has also always been our alarm clock. Without fail we are up every morning between 5:00 & 6:00am.
We love her more then words can say and yes she and Jakari are both very spoiled! :-)
Hope this finds you doing well. I have always kept up with your web site just in case we decide on a larger family! :-) I love what you have done with it.

Take care, Kay


Hi Stacey,

Date sent 06-26-2011

Hi Stacy!

Hope all is well! Here's a pic we thought you'd like to see...Chi's got a tough life!






This up-date 06-24-2011

Hello Stacy,   

 Just wanted to send you pics of the cats but Marti would not go outside that day we are at the farm, both are doing good.  Mav weighs 15pounds and he was the little one that you had to IV and Marti just weights 10 pounds, but the vet said it is ok , he will gain...... Love your white babies on the kitten page to cute... Donna

Marti SBT Male Bengal and F1 Maverick Male Bengal.

Some pictures Donna has sent to me of Marti and Maverick.


Mel and Marti on the bed.

Marti and Maverick at play.

Picture of Maverick playing in the closet.

Marti and Maverick Playing with the girls.

Marti with the Baby at the farm.

Marti at the farm.


The last picture is of Marti, Marti is Coconuts brother. You can see Coconut is on the Queens page




# 2 F1 male, New Name: "Razzmataz"  Sold - 05/13/11

Going to live with Diane E. Karwoski in Kansas City, Missouri

New photos taken 06-15-11

Letter to come from Diane soon.

F1 male going to Kansasa City.



#1  F1 Female Sold

Going to live with Cynthia Turala in Texas.

Letter to come soon from Cynthia

new photos taken 05-10-2011




#2  F1 Female SOLD 

Going to live with Libby Willis in Oroville, Washington

Letter to come soon from Libby







Hi Stacy,                                      03-22-2011
Chi just turned are a few pics!
She's an awesome cat!






Hi Stacy!                                    03-18-2011

I just took this photo of Tequila ... Thought you might like to see how
she's coming along. :) She is STUNNING and we LOVE her!! She and our
Weim, Bourbon, are the best of friends. They play together, nap together
and even try to hunt the neighbor's dog together (that was wild!). She is
great with the whole family but she LOVES her Mama. :)

THANK YOU again for her!

Hope all is well with YOU!
Take care!
Raine Hickman





"Tie" Has a new Loving home with Jimmy & Tonya Baker  in Seymour, Texas




"Leo" Neutered Male DOB: 05-23-2010

SOLD, Leo is going to live in the Houston, Texas area with April Martin.

Leo up on all his Vaccinations and he is microchip. Registered with TICA

Leo sleeps in bed with Hanna my Daughter. He is like a teddy bear.





 Rickie F1 Sold to Robert Mills in Seattle Washington. 2010





Up-Date photos 02-21-2011 from "Dazzle" Sporting his new collars

Dazzle lives in Austin Texas with Leanne and Jim Nias.


View Dazzle growing up page here.





Hello Stacy,   2010

I would like to share some photos of Dazzle with you. As recently discussed, Dazzle is such a terrific kitten! He is extremely playful, very energetic and well socialized. We are thoroughly enjoying all of the continuous entertainment that he provides. He has adjusted really well to his new environment and already knows that he is part of the family. So far he doesn't seem to have any desire to play in water. However, he loves to hide and play underneath the shower curtain. Dazzle has most definitely made an excellent addition to our household. I have scheduled an appointment for him to be neutered on April 19. I will contact you upon completion of the procedure. We cannot thank you enough for such a fabulous little boy!!

Take care,

Leanne and Jim Nias






Brown Black Tri-Colored Male Sold to Jason McFarlin   sold 2010
Birth date: 11/24/09   male #1


The pattern on this little male "Elvis" is just wonderful!  There is just so much going on that we cannot wait to see him mature more each week!  If you look closely at his marbling pattern, you will see just the hint of what is to come...just a little lightness and rust color tones in the large black area of his pattern...this is opening into more wonderful color, as well much more of his pattern as the weeks go by.  He has such a wonderful out going personality; He is good with children and other pets.  He is ready for his new home now..

He will have more warm colors come in as he matures..

View more photos of Elvis






"Chi" has gone to live as a princess with Casey Fleming and Family in Houston, Texas...

Hi Stacy,                                April 21,2010

 Chi is a little over a year old and doing GREAT!  She’s a fantastic addition to the family and has established her own bond with each family member.  She loves to sleep and play / spar with each of us.  Thanks again for your work with her.  We’ll try to get some pics off soon.

 Hope all is well,



Thanks for your email…we’ll get her spayed next week.
She’s awesome…what a sweetie…
Here’s a couple of pics, looks like she’s having trouble fitting in!

Take care,


F1 Female SOLD 09/09/09

Dallas has a new home with Anthony Hutcherson in MD..

Dallas will come with a complete health guarantee. Dallas is very outgoing and loves to play. She does not like to be picked up and held, but she does love being petted and played with. Her DOB:03/03/09.. She is a big girl for her age 5 1/2 months, her weight is 7lb to date 08/19/09. She has had a complete health check. Photos taken 08/19/09. If sold as a pet she will be spayed before she go's to her new home.

Posted 08/19/09

View Dallas's personal page click on her picture below...





Tia sent more pictures, they are all so nice, I just had to post them all.. I think she loves her F1 Bengal kitty!!! Photos sent 09/27/09

Click on photos/Thumbnail to  enlarge.




 Hi there; how are you?  I tried calling a few weeks ago to pray for you.  Are you doing okay?  Please call me anytime for prayer. 

 Dallas is a doll.  She is doing great.  She is very long and a big girl.  She still sleeps in our master bathroom, she thinks it is hers...well, she thinks the house is hers.  and it is ; )  She will be a good mommy one day.  She is very pretty and gets along okay with my male.  I have made sure to keep them in contact with each other so they are used to each other when it is time for her to breed.  She still loves to swim in the tub with me and always potties in the water right when I am getting out...thankfully she waits till I am getting out!!  She loves laying on the piano are a couple of pics of her and Massie on the piano and one of her waking up from a nap on the dryer.

 blessings and hugs,



F1 female Dallas


Thank you Tia for the photos of Dallas!!


Date posted: July 17, 2009

Sunday night we had 6 people over for dinner and a toddler and a baby and I let Dallas out to see how she would act with all of the commotion and she tried to suck one friend's hand, pounce on another, eat a lady's hair and wove herself in and out of everyone sitting on the couch trying to play with them.... ya, she is pretty shy ; )  lol.  thanks again, we love her!!

Right now she is purring and sleeping on my shoulders.


Tia VanKirk

Grace on High Bengals






F1 female Dutchess



Date posted: July 8, 2009

Good morning! I thought I would write you and let you know how much we LOVE Dutchess. I don't think I can say it enough. She is just awesome. She is loving and friendly and super sweet. She crawls into bed with me at night and snuggles with me under the covers. She seeks us out in the house and rams her head into us showing her love. We cannot thank you enough for this gift! She is the best kitten we've ever had and we have had quite a few. I have attached some pictures to show you how beautiful she is growing. She is huge! I think I remember you saying she was the largest kitten of the litter, but she is almost the same size as Nala already and as large as one of our one-year-old SBT queens. Anyways, we wanted to thank you once again and let you know that we truly appreciate all you have done in working with us.
Thank you,
Karena and Family



F1 Male JellyBean new name Hero  

JellyBean have a new name "Hero" and a new home, he has gone to live with Charles and Kitty Durkee in Mansfield, Texas..  



sent 07/25/09

Hi Stacy,

            Hero has not seen anything \gout of doors and I doubt seriously that he will.  At least until maybe next Spring and I will always be with him.

            He is the most loveable little guy I have ever seen and I just adore him to pieces!!! Thanks again so very much.  He does play in the sink water though and you’re not going to believe this but he uses the stool to go to the bathroom also!  I thought it was just a fluke that Bodie got the hang of it but Hero started his first week here.

            Isn’t that interesting?  I think maybe the Asian Leopard in the wild use streams and ponds as a more efficient way of hiding their scent.  Don’t you think that could be?  Since your cats don’t have the run of the house 24 hours, then they don’t ever do it.

            Anyway, Hero eats like a horse, (he weighs four pounds at least, and uses the human bath facilities, so he is a very interesting animal aside from all of his other charming qualities!

            I hope to see you soon,



New Photo sent 09/11/09 in from Bridgett from New Mexico of F1 Bengal Hero.. For some of you Kitty owners Bridgett has sent in some very good instructions on how to toilet train your Bengal kitten... Click on Hero's picture to read about how to toilet training your Bengal kitten...

Date : 07/10/09

Hi Stacy!

I hope your summer's going well...we are baking hot over here and I'll bet you are too.
Hero is doing great - getting LARGE! - and has still not been neutered.  He hasn't sprayed anything yet. *haha!*
I wanted to let you know I've bought my first HOUSE!  Hero and I and the birdie will be moving over the month of August - I close on July 30th. The house is wonderful with a lot of room inside and a beautiful fenced back yard too.  And a very large tree in front that I hope Hero never *ever* decides to want to climb,   because he could probably survive for months up there quite comfortably if was in a mood to not come down.
His spots have really "matured" and are true rosettes now...he is a beautiful, gentle, friendly cat, and he still gets his water time pretty much every day!! - either hops in the shower with me, "begs" for me to fill a little water in the tub, or runs through the hose when I water outside (until he is soaked!)...he is so funny! He's my cuddle-alarm-clock in the mornings too...when it's about time for me to get out of bed, he snuggles and licks my face. "get up, mom!"  Then you know what. Breakfast and playtime!
* ; )
This house is so large Hero might need a brother or sister after a while...! *heehee!*
Ok Stacy I hope you're doing good & will talk to you soon - I'm still planning on Sept. for the neuter unless we have to go sooner.
~ Bridgett Wood


Date : 051209

Hi Stacy - just writing with an update on the kitty!  He visited the vet today and checked out A-ok - I gave the vet the microchip info so he has it on file now and he tested the microchip and it works fine.  I told the vet he'd had his first shots.  Hero growled his little growl at the vet but didn't scratch or fuss.

 Hero is an amazing little boy - so loving and so playful!! !! He is still very good about keeping his little claws in when he plays with me, and if he gets "mouthy" I make sure to give him something he can bite and chew instead of my hand.  I'm sure his little teeth are still growing.

 Potty habits are coming along fine...I think he will like using the toilet once he's big enough not to fall into it. *haha!* For now I'm training him with a toilet seat on top of a round litter container...and he's been very good going in there to scratch and do his business.  Good kitty!!

 He has a very healthy appetite and I'm giving him Royal Canin dry mixed with wet food or tuna like we talked about. He gobbles it up. And drinks with his paws. ;) True to his reputation he likes to play in the water and will jump up to hang out on the side of the tub when I shower.

 Long story short: it was love at first sight. *heehee!* My new little friend is so fun to watch, and I'm amazed at all his vocalizations!  Wow!  A real talking cat.  He plays with me or on his own, and it's the same at bedtime: he'll snuggle with me a while and then go curl up in his own little spot until morning and then he gets me up.  This cat wakes up before the birdie! Luckily over the weekend we did some daytime napping, too, and I was able to get my errands done while "prince polka-dots" took a snooze.

 And so far so good with the bird...I only had to give Hero one tiny squirt with a spray-bottle when he tried to jump at the cage, and he hasn't tried it again!* : )

I'll send better pictures when I get some more!

Hope you're doing good and having a great time!

~ Bridgett in New Mexico


Laila and  Bastet "Aka Princess" new Home



Hi Stacy!       3/16/09

I just wanted to let you know the cats are doing wonderfully!  I also wanted you to know if you ever need someone to attest to how terrific the Bengal is, just send them my way.  I also have great pictures of the cats sleeping with all 4 of my kids including my 3 month old.  Bastet plays fetch and will play as long as you like.  She returns the feather toy and drops it by your hand.  She also has her own toy "box" she will climb along the bookshelf and drag all the toys out of her box.  They both are so rotten that whoever is in any of the bathrooms turns on the faucet and lets them drink their fill.  Laila sleeps on a curved pillow at the foot of our bed, while Bastet goes between my two older daughters and 3 year old sons bed. 

Basically, we adore them and are so glad we found you!

Thank you again for all your help.

Karen Groom



Sire: Justin                    Dam: Bowtie

 1 rosette Boy DOB:06/25/08

Justin-Stride SOLD    "Strider's" new name is "Sparky"    

Sparky has gone to live in Lubbock, Texas with the Cooper family...  

   photos taken10/11/08





Dear Stacy,                                                                 09/01/08

It was so wonderful to see you today at the Cat Show. I have often thought about you and your mom since Nissa came into our lives. Nissa's personality is a testament to the remarkable job you do in breeding and raising these amazing cats. Even after seeing all the bengals I did today for the first time at the cat show, I feel so lucky to have Nissa. She has been pure joy for our family. A cat could not be more loved than ours I am convinced! As I said to you before, Steve was not a big "cat person" until Nissa. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats but Nissa is the queen diva of the house.
These are the most recent photos of Nissa. If there is a date on the photo that shows a different day it is incorrect. I'm not sure how to set the date on my camera yet. As I write she is in her nightly position with Steve. I love how she stretches out her arms. She often has them in a out stretched cross position. That's when I think she looks most like a "Diva". She will be 4 years old on our shared birthday Nov. 25th. 
A million thank you's for our precious Nissa.
Chie and Steve Smith   

Click on images to enlarge...


Last photo is of Chie and Stacy at the Cat Show..


Up-date 08/25/09 Chris is now 5 years, 8 month old staying in touch with TexasStar Bengals....


Hi Stacy,
I thought you would enjoy seeing some more pictures of Chris. He weighs 7 lbs only. He has a playmate name Edy who is a marbled Bengal. He weighs 12-14 lbs. We found him at a cat show and had no intentions of getting another cat. But Chris and Edy really get along. They both love Frankie our dog. Chris is still the king of the house.

Chris got out one day when my husband and his friend were not paying attention. I thought I was never going to see him again and it just killed me. I spend hours going up and down our neighborhood searching for him terrified that he would be stolen or killed. I cried myself to sleep.
My husband spend the night on our couch with the back porch light on. At 3am Chris came home and was trying to open the back door then started tapping on it until my husband let him in. He then came to bed with me. I was so happy to have him home. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is the most loving and sweetest thing ever. He has keep me company through many things. He spend hours with me when I had my neck surgery and had to be in a neck brace for 6 weeks. I think once I went back to work he missed me as much as I missed him. He loves to cuddle up on our chest and sleep. He is famous in our house for stealing food right off your plate or if I leave the dishes on the counter top he will steal it off their. I have to put things in the microwave just to keep them out of his way. For such a peanut he can carry off anything. He took my husband’s Bluetooth earpiece and we did not find it for 6 months. He had a great hiding place with many items in it. He loves pens. If he can carry it you won’t find it. I can’t imagine being without him. Sometimes when he is cuddled up sleeping with me he will start to pet my face just like we pet him. He never scratches me just pets me. Of course when he wants treats and I haven’t gotten up the will tap me or jump on me until I wake up and give him his way. David says I spoil him and he is right but I just love him so much and we are so glad we got him from you. He has changed my mind complete about cats and that is why we now have two. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful loving family member.

Hope you enjoy these few pictures we have many more.

Have a great day!
Vivian Hoover

Chris - SOLD!
Sire: Joykatz Jungle Rapture of TexasStar
Dam: Charmed of Starbengal
D.O.B: 12/25/2003

Chris was born on Christmas Day 2003!

Chris now has a wonderful, loving home in San Jose, California with the Hoover family;
Vivian, David and Frankie!

We love having Chris he is the sweetest ever. He is just a lover boy, just like Frankie. They aren't sleeping together yet but I am sure they will later. They do both lay on the couch pretty close together but I think it will be closer soon. Although there is one thing that Chris does that Frankie doesn't like at all and that is Chris getting into his food. But Frankie doesn't hurt him he just goes over with his big nose and pushes him out of the way. It is pretty funny. Frankie wants to play with Chris but Chris is still a bit skeptical of that. After all Frankie is pretty big compared to Chris. We will keep you up dated. Kay Peterson can't believe that the dog and cat are getting along already. I just want to thank you a million times over for thinking of Chris for us he is perfect for our house and he is just the best lover boy. : - )
Thank you,

Male #2
Scoop - Stolen - Police
investigating. REWARD offered for the return of Scoop or information leading to the return of Scoop, an F1 Male Scoop would be 3 years old (2007) now.

 Stolen by a Man and Woman believed to live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Paying with Counterfeit Traveler Checks and

false Oklahoma identification..


F1-male2-b.jpg (34749 bytes)   scoop1.jpg (42647 bytes)


Up-date 09/01/09 Velvet Elvis is now 6 years old staying in touch with TexasStar Bengals....

It has been awhile since I sent any pics of Velvet Elvis. These were taken
earlier this year. He is a sweet, sweet boy! He has so much personality. He loves high places. He walks on a leash. He leaps on my shoulder in one jump. He has figured out how to pull the pull chain on the ceiling fan over my daughter’s bed, so when he wants her to get up in the morning, he leaps and grabs it with his paws and turns on the light. He plays hard and cuddles fast! We love him dearly.

Velvet Elvis - SOLD
by Joykatz Jungle Rapture of TexasStar
out of Charmed of Starbengal
Date of Birth: 7-30-2003



Wilma, Steve, and their daughter Katrina Cuevas of Scottsdale, Arizona have adopted Elvis as their new family member. We will miss Elvis very much here, but he will be loved just as much by Katrina if not more.
Congratulations to the Cuevas Family on their new little boy!

Thank You for Visiting Texas Star Website!

Come back soon!

Texas Star Bengals

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